*trys to hit high note of favorite song*


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When you’re sitting on the toilet and realize you forgot your phone


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"I broke my rules for you, isn’t that enough?"

Sterek Week // Monday: Lyrics

↳”Last Night On Earth” by Delta Goodrem

Your fingers on my skin only you can hear my fear 
Only you can help me heal 
I see forever with you here 

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  • my math teacher: *pulls out dollar bill* how much is this worth?
  • Students: $1
  • teacher: *folds bill in half* how much is this worth now?
  • students: $1
  • teacher: *folds bill in half again* how much is it worth now?
  • students: $1
  • teacher: what about if I crumple it up and throw it on the ground? Will someone pass by it and say, "Ooh, a dollar, but I won't pick it up because it's all crumpled and dirty"?
  • students: No, because it's still worth a dollar.
  • teacher: Exactly. No matter how much a human goes through or how much they do, they're still worth the life of a human.
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