I tumblr more than I go outside.

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American Horror Story: Freak Show

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LMFAO! you literally yell at me for just talking to your friend…..about you! And yet I’ve found out the 4th friend of mine you have literally desperately hit up…. yeah. Can you say hypocrite? I wish the day I met you. I would have walked the fuck away. I hope you realize what you had in front of you. Someone who took care of you and still would sadly. wtf….is wrong with me? I should be furious. I am….but at the same time I just wish you would see what you had. And realize you will never meet someone like me again. Someone who always put you first. Your needs. Your friends. Your hobbies. Your everything! Like seriously…. What is wrong with you I should say.

Holy fuck I’m mad

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